Imewekwa: Feb 28, 2019

The Commemoration of Maji (Water) Week at National level will take place from 18th-22nd March, 2019 at St. Gaspar Hotel in Dodoma. The commemoration will entail three major events i.e (i) Scientific Conference on Water (18th -19th March) (ii) Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) day (20th-21st March) and (iii) Joint Water Sector Review (22nd March). There will be limited space for exhibition, at St. Gaspar Hotel grounds, on innovation of products, technology and services related to Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Quality, and Water Resources Management.

Exhibition will be open to the public from 18 – 22 March

The cost per booth (9m2) is 100,000 T.Sh per day, all payments can be done through; Account No; 01J1081566701, Account name; DUWASA administration; CRDB Bank.

For logistics and more details on exhibition please contact the following:

i)Vallentina Chaya: vallentina.chaya@maji.go.tz (+255 655 652 828 )

ii) Mr. Enock Wagala: enock.wagala@maji.go.tz (+255 716505627)

The theme for 2019 Maji (Water) Week is "Leaving No One Behind: Accelerating universal access to water supply and sanitation services in a changing climate”