The United Republic of Tanzania

Water NKRA Overview

The Water NKRA aims to provide 30.6 million rural Tanzanians with access to clean water by 2015/2016.

The Water NKRA initiatives comprise a three-pronged approach namely the Projects, Operations & Maintenance and Enablers that will help develop the structures and instruments required to sustainably boost access to water.

The Water NKRA initiatives will restore water to 5.3 million Tanzanians whom are experiencing disruption due to infrastructure degradation while ensuring that the 15.2 million Tanzanians already receiving water supply continue to do so through good operations and maintenance regime.  Finally, an additional seven million water users will be connected to the pipeline via construction of new projects.

Water NKRA aims to achieve a topline Key Performance Indicator of ensuring 67% of rural Tanzanians have reliable access to clean water by 2015/16.