The United Republic of Tanzania

Wangingombe Water Supply Project

WangingÔÇÖombe Water Supply Project is the biggest gravity water Supply Project in Tanzania.The project was constructed early 1980s funded by UNICEF which contributed 5,486,000 US dollars and 15 million Tanzanian shillings. The project is in Njombe district in Iringa region covering an area of 1000 km2 having two intakes Mbukwa and Mtitafu with capacities of 6.70 and 6.0 million liters per day respectively. It also have various pipe diameter varying between 20mm to 5000mm having a total length of 350km.

Currently the project covers about 60 villages with 574 number of public domestic water points and 568 private domestic water points. There 54 water storage tanks with varying capacities between 50m3 and 150m3

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