The United Republic of Tanzania

Rufiji Basin IWRMD-Plans

Rufiji Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development (IWRMD) Plan

The Rufiji River Basin is the area drained by the Rufiji River. The Rufiji, which has a natural annual flow of 31 billion cubic metres at its delta, is Tanzania’s biggest River. The drainage area of the river measures 183,791 km2; covers 35 administrative areas in the southern highlands at the level of city, municipal, town and district council; and is inhabited by 3.6 million people (about 8.3% of the population of mainland Tanzania). The basin is made up of four sub-basins named after the main tributaries of the Rufiji River, namely the Great Ruaha, Kilombero, Luwegu, and Lower Rufiji Rivers. In addition to surface water resources, the Rufiji Basin has considerable groundwater resources approximately estimated to be 20 billion cubic metres per year1.

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