The United Republic of Tanzania

Resettlement Policy Framework Climate Resilient Water Supply Project in Busega, Bariadi and Itilima Districts, Simiyu Region

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MoWI) is currently implementing the Water Sector Development
Programme that aims to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in rural and urban areas
in Tanzania. Under this programme, MoWI is planning to construct a water supply scheme in Simiyu
region from Lake Victoria to the districts of Busega, Maswa, Bariadi, Meatu and Itilima.
The project will be financed and built in phases but is planned to eventually cover about 20 % of
Simiyu’s total area including the five district centres and about 250 villages with up to 55% of the
region’s total population. Phase 1 will bring piped water to the towns of Bariadi and Lagangabilili as
well as to villages located up to a distance of 12 km from the water supply mains.

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