The United Republic of Tanzania

Programme Coordination Unit


Coordination of Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) falls under the mandates of Ministry of Water (MoW) through the Programme Coordination Unit (PCU). The unit will operate under the oversight and leadership of the Deputy Permanent Secretary (DPS) of MoW from October, 2010 onwards, and since September, 2011 the Unit is headed by a Director. The DPS will have the following mandates over PCU:

(i) Overall oversight and guidance for qualitative Program implementation including compliance to the provisions of the WSDP Memorandum of Understanding;
(ii) Coordination of MoW departments/units and intensive collaboration and coordination with other relevant Ministries (i.e. Prime Minister Office  Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare); and
(iii) Establishing an efficient dialogue mechanism between MoW, Implementing Agencies and Development Partners Group in the water sector.

The principal function of the PCU is to ensure fulfillment of programme coordination tasks.

The activities of the Unit include the following:

(i) Ensuring the acquisition of the required inputs from MoW departments and units (referring to planning, budgeting, Interim Financial Reports etc.);
(ii) Dissemination of WSDP information and status reports to all relevant stakeholders; 
(iii) Overseeing technical assistance for the WSDP implementation; 
(iv) Ensuring the efficiency of the agreed sector dialogue set up and monitoring, and ensuring the implementation of agreed undertakings and agreed actions; 
(v) Consolidating and reporting the WSDP progress to relevant approval bodies; 
(vi) Linking the WSDP with national macro policies including MKUKUTA II; and 
(vii) Coordinating the collaboration with other sector programs (Agriculture Sector Development Programme, Health Sector Reform Programme, Education Sector Development Programme etc) to ensure that water sector benefits from synergies.