The United Republic of Tanzania

Information and Communications Technology Unit


Information and Communication Technology Unit   is the focal point of a revolution in which computer science and management skills drive innovation across a wide spectrum of business. The unit is playing as a key advisory role on all matters pertaining to ICT related developments including Management Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems and Information Communication such as networking, mail and web services. In other words, the ICT unit is responsible in ensuring that the Ministry of Water and Irrigation evolves into electronic organisation for attaining the optimal benefits in services delivery in a competitive advantage.To provide expertise and services on application of ICT to the Ministry.

To provide overall governance and expertise on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) matters to the Ministry and Water Sector.
 Prepare and implement Sector ICT Policy, Ministry ICT Strategy and Business Continuity Plan based on National ICT policy and e-Government;
 Streamline standards and provide guidelines within the water sector to ensure that ITsystems are interoperable, scalable and sharable based on national policies, circulars and guidelines;
 Develop and coordinate Integrated Management Information System for the water sector;
 Coordinate and provide support on procurement and purchase of software and hardware in the Ministry;
 Establish and coordinate IT capacity building, the use of electronic and mail communications on LAN, WAN and Intranet;
Carryout studies and propose areas of IT intervention application to improve service delivery to the water sector.

The Unit is headed by Head of the Unit (Principal Computer System Analysts) and have
been divided into three main areas dealing with specific activities as follows:
 Systems and Application Services;
 Technical Services and User Support.
 IT Research and Development;

Systems and Application Services:
The activities are:
 To provide technical support and deployment of an integrated Sector Management Information System;
 Support deployment of systems and applications to support Ministry and sector wide business processes;
 Support the institutionalization of systems security procedures and ensuring that systems operating procedures are maintained in lie with required standards and ICT policies.

 Technical support to the Ministry in the integrity of data by running effective back-up strategies and maintaining compliance with disaster recovery planning, including regular audits and disaster tests.
Providing support to users of the systems or database infrastructure in the running of their systems and applications.
 Support the migration of various manual data, records and procedures from the to computer based systems in the Ministry and Manage sector wide data centre.

IT Research and Development:
The activities are:
 The preparation and formulation and implementation of ICT strategic plans,business continuity plans and sector ICT policy based on National ICT Policy and e-Government strategy;
 Ensuring that the planning and implementation of systems development, network design and office automation is carried out in an orderly, cost effective and efficient manner as per National and International Standards;
 Advising the Ministry strategically on the economical, financial and technical suitability of the existing hardware and software and on future acquisitions of new ones based on technological changes and advancements;
 Assess ICT training needs, coordinate the implementation of the ICT training programs and advise the management as appropriate;
 Systems Analysis and Design;
 Developing necessary procedures for effective operation of the systems and databases in the Ministry and ensures that procedures are current and updated regularly.

Technical Services and User Support:
The Activities are
 Manages network security in conjunction with individual software application security
 Developing necessary procedures for effective operation of networks and ensures that procedures are current and updated as necessary
 Providing support to users of the network infrastructure in the running of applications.
 Monitors and controls network and systems operations in order to provide optimal service standards.
 Coordinate the availability of internet connectivity services in the Ministry.
Administering dynamic Website for the sector based on National standards and guidelines as per ICT Policy and e-Government
 Provide daily computer hardware and software maintenance and troubleshooting.