The United Republic of Tanzania

Administration and Human Resource Management Division


The Administration and Human Resources Management Division is headed by a Director. It is responsible for human resources management and administrative issues.

Core Function of the Ministry

These are carried out by the following line divisions, Units and Agency of the Ministry:

  • Water Resources Management Division
  • Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Division
  • Rural Water Supply Division
  • Water Quality Division
  • Drilling and Dam Construction Agency.

Support Function of the Ministry

These are carried out by the following support divisions, Units of the Ministry

  • Administration and Human Resources Management Division
  • Policy and Planning Division
  • Finance and Accounts Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Legal Services Unit
  • Gorvenment  Communication Unit
  • Information and Communication Technology Unit.

Main Functions

The Administration and Human Resources Management Division is headed by a Director. The main functions of the division are as follows:

  • Providing administrative support to all the Divisions and Units under the Ministry in ensuring that the Ministry working environment is secure and conducive to efficient service delivery.
  • Ensuring that public service legislation, rules, procedures and directives are adhered to by all Divisions and Units.
  • Coordinating the Ministry human resource development activities in respect of the Ministry staff and the water sector as a whole.
  • Providing technical and administrative support to the Ministry procurement and asset management activities and ensuring that public procurement and asset management legislation, rules and procedures are adhered to.

Human Resourses Management Functions

  • Advise the Director of administration and Personnel on Human Resourses Development in the ministry.
  • Coordinates Recruitment, Selection, replacement, Confirmation and transfers for the Ministry
  • Supervise the implementation of scheme of Services, Salary Structures and other Incentive Schemes.
  • Coordinate and Supervise implementation of Open Performance Appraisal activities in the Ministry in collaboration with heads of department in conformity with Public Service Employment and Management Policy.
  • Coordinate training activities in conformity with reforms at work place.
  • Carry out Training Needs Assessment and Carry out evaluation of training for the Ministry
  • Analyze and advise on human resources supply and demand needs for sustainable succession Plan in the Ministry.

Administrative Functions

  •   Advise the Director of Administration and Personnel on administrative issues
  •   Interpret and supervise application Public Service Act, rules, regulations and various policies regarding administration.
  • Coordinates implementation of Public Ethics and Ant-Corruption Strategy in the Ministry.
  • Supervise and advise on maintenance of office equipments, Buildings and Grounds.
  • Coordinate implementation of client Service Charter
  • Coordinate implementation of Business and advise on Organisational efficiency of the Ministry
  • Coordinate and advise on Private Sector Participation (PSP) in the Ministry.
  • Coordinate the implementation of cross-cutting issues i.e. HIV/AIDS and Gender
  • Supervise and coordinate transportation in the Ministry.