The United Republic of Tanzania

Rural Water Supply Division


The Rural Water Supply  Division is headed by a Director and has three sections namely Technical Support ,Community Management Support and Operational Planning Support


  • To initiate on the formulation and revision of the national water policy and policy implementation strategies, and in particular aspects of the policy and strategies that pertain to community water supply services
  • To promote the development and provision of community water supply services in accordance with the national water policy and strategies
  •  To monitor the implementation and performance of community water supply programmes
  •  To build capacity of Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities in community water supply.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise three Sections as follows:-

  • Technical Support Section
  • Community Management Support Section;
  • Operational Planning Support Section.

 Technical Support Section
The activities of the Section are:

  • Provide technical and financial support to water user entities in order to assist them in identifying/preparing, supervising the construction of and managing water supply projects, and in building their capacity
  •  Supervise the preparation and implementation of strategic water supply projects undertaken directly by the Government.

 Community Management Support Section
The activities of the Section are:-

  • Facilitate the formation of legal water user entities to manage water supply schemes at local community level
  • Support and facilitate the participation of the private sector and other stakeholders in water supply and sanitation.

Operational Planning Support Section
The activities of the Section are:-

  •  Support and monitor the preparation of water supply and sanitation plans and budgets by District Councils
  • Provide guidelines for the implementation of rural water supply strategies to Regional Secretariats, District Councils and other stakeholders.