Ministry of Water and Irrigation

The United Republic of Tanzania

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have led to sector Improvements in areas of knowledge and information management, human resources development and communication. Increasing capacity of using ICT at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation has further been empowered by the growth of a global network of computer networks known as the Internet. It has impacted the way business is conducted, facilitated learning and knowledge sharing and information flows.                                                                                          

The Ministry o fWater(MoW) is implementing a Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) for the period 2006–2025,which is a consolidation of three sub --‐sector programmes, Resources Management; Rural Water Supply and Sanitation; and Urban Water Supply and Sewerage,  since 2007. The programme includes also strengthening and building capacity of Sector institutions to effectively support implementation of the WSDP.

ICT is an acronym for Information and Communication Technologies. The term encompasses a range of computing and communications technologies for capturing, manipulating, storing, retrieving, processing, analyzing and transmitting information. There is no universally accepted definition of term owing to the fact that the concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving in line with the fast pace of change in technology itself.