The United Republic of Tanzania

Function of the Ministry

The Ministry has the following functions:-

  1. Formulation and revision of the National Water Policy, policy implementation strategies, legislation and regulations;
  2. Promoting the development, management and use of the nation’s water resources, provision of commercial water and sewerage services, and provision of community water supply and sanitation services in accordance with the national water policy and strategies;
  3. Monitoring the implementation and performance of rural water supply and sanitation as well as urban water supply and sewerage development programmes;
  4. Providing technical and financial support to the urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities (WSSAs) and Local Government Authorities (LGAs);
  5. Coordinating the Ministry’s participation in national and international dialogue initiatives on projects pertaining to the management and development of water resources;
  6. Providing strategic guidance, technical and operational support to Basin Water Offices to enable them carry out their mandated functions including water resources assessment, monitoring and regulation;
  7. Collecting information and providing such information and associated services to other government institutions and the public;
  8. Providing sector-related information and guidance to stakeholders;
  9. Mainstreaming cross cutting and cross sectoral issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS, environment, health and land; and
  10. Promoting the use of ICT in the water sector.