The United Republic of Tanzania

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the proposed construction and Extension of the Distribution Networks from University Terminal Reservoirs to Bagamoyo (Package 2B & 2F)"

The overall goal of this project is to increase water supply coverage to urban areas and thus, contributing to the Government efforts towards improvement of the livelihood and poverty alleviation. The current project to which this ESIA is subject to is executed in two packages, i.e. 2B and 2F. Project components 2B and 2F falls within Kinondoni and Bagamoyo District Council. The details about the geographical coverage of the project packages is discussed in this report.

Further, the focus of this report is on the environmental and social impact of the distribution networks water kiosks in the two project packages. Environmental and social impacts for the proposed project have been identified for the different phases of its implementation. Significant positive impacts will mainly include job creation and increased income to local communities and improved sanitation. Identified significant negative impacts of the proposed project include loss of flora and fauna along the road reserve areas of the street roads, noise pollution, loss of scenery, traffic congestions where works is involving road crossing that requires traffic diversion or low speeds, soil erosion, increased spread of HIV/AIDS and increased hazard of diseases due to increased wastewater. Other identified impacts will have minor and moderate positive impacts while others will have minor and moderate negative impacts.

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