The United Republic of Tanzania

Drilling and Dam Construction Agency


Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA) is a Government Executive Agency, which was established under the Executive Agency Act No. 30 of 1997. DDCA is working under the Ministry of Water and it was inaugurated on 26th March, 1999, (though it was in operation since 1997).

The Agency has highly qualified and experienced personnel including, Geologists, Hydro-geologists, Drilling engineers, land surveyors, and civil engineers in fields related to water resources development and management. DDCA has successfully carried out a number of projects in the country as indicated in the Company profile. Among them are projects concerning feasibility studies, design and construction of dams as well as design and construction of water supply systems. During implementation of the projects the Agency provides technical advice and any other advice required for sustainability of the projects.

 DDCA Core Service Delivery

Services offered by the Agency include the following:-

  • Topographical survey, soil testing and designing of earth- fill dams.
  • Ground water prospecting using modern technology.
  • Soil sampling to monitor underground formations (lithology)
  •   Installation of pumping systems (e.g. Diesel, solar or electric driven submersible pumps and hand pumps).
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of boreholes
  • Construction and rehabilitation of earth-fill dams.
  •   Construction of small scale water supply schemes.
  •   Training of caretakers on management for community water wells and dams.
  •   Hire of heavy plants and service vehicles.
  • Threading and slotting of uPVC casings
  • Provision of consultancy services